Black History Moment: Dr. Antoinette Harrell, renowned Louisiana genealogist, and host/producer of the “Nurturing Our Roots Genealogy” talk show

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Today’s black history moment highlights Dr. Antoinette Harrell, a Louisiana woman with a passion for researching African American family histories in her hometown.  Most importantly, Dr. Harrell’s research also includes uncovering instances of modern-day slavery practices (peonage, or debt slavery) impacting Black families across the rural South.
Dr. Antoinette Harrell – Key Facts
* Author, genealogist, and local historian of two southeast Louisiana parishes (Tangipahoa and St. Helena)
* Host and producer of the “Nurturing Our Roots Genealogy” talk show
* Nicknamed “The Slavery Detective of the South” for her research and interviewing survivors of modern-day instances of peonage/abusive labor practices that occurred in the shadows across the rural South
Significance of Dr. Antoinette Harrell’s work
* Inspires more African Americans from her community and abroad to do their own family history research
* Through Harrell’s discovery of modern-day peonage (debt slavery), survivors and their relatives are encouraged to share their stories to the public
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