Black History Moment: Sag Harbor of Long Island, NY

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We started this year’s black history month theme with four definitions of the word, “family.”   Over the next several days, we’ll focus on this definition: “socially or emotionally connected together as a group of unrelated individuals with similar identifiable attributes, characteristics, affiliations, etc.”   This definition of family is what could be considered an intentional family, or a “family of choice.”
Under the context of this year’s black history month theme, an intentional family is formed to create (or re-create) a sense of kinship among its members to accomplish the following:
1) Establish a “safe space” for relief/protection from persecution, racial discrimination, marginalization
2) Cultivate, strengthen, or reinforce a sense of racial or ethnic pride, individually and collectively
3) Foster a culture of excellence centered around a shared racial/ethnic heritage

One example to illustrate this definition of family, is the highlight for today’s black history moment: Sag Harbor of Long Island, NY.

Sag Harbor of Long Island, NY – Key Highlights
* In the early and mid-20th century, African American individuals & families across the US often faced legalized, overt forms of racial discrimination that kept them out from public accommodations that included waterfront resorts, pools and beaches
* In response, African American individuals and families purchased vacant lots and homes in sections of Long Island that were separate from the white community at large
* Over time, locations like Long Island’s Sag Harbor, became a magnet for African American families seeking to enjoy waterfront/beachfront recreation without dealing with racial discrimination from white Americans
Sag Harbor of Long Island, NY – Significance
* Grew to become a close-knit community of African Americans that span across several generations
* Became one of the most enduring African American beachfront communities in the United States
* In 2019, Sag Harbor’s African American neighborhoods were added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about Sag Harbor of Long Island, NY:
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