Black History Moment: The Eastern Kentucky Social Club

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To close out this year’s black history month theme about family, today’s black history moment is a short & sweet highlight about the Eastern Kentucky Social Club (EKSC).

Eastern Kentucky Social Club (EKSC) – Key Highlights and Significance
* Founded in 1969 by Appalachian families who migrated out of the coal mine fields into cities across the USA
* Established for the purpose of maintaining connection and reunion for African American individuals/families within the Appalachian region in general (eastern KY in particular)
* Members’ active participation in EKSC, nurtures an intentional family/community that’s based upon a shared (racial) identity within a specific time and location
* Ensures that unsung/under-told stories & accomplishments in regards to the African American experience in Appalachia, become clear & visible to the general public
* Offers illumination about the value of a generally overlooked & often stereotyped region of the United States
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about The Eastern Kentucky Social Club:
Black in Appalachia – Eastern Kentucky Social Club (video clips included)
UNC (Chapel Hill) University Libraries: Eastern Kentucky Social Club Collection (1948-2014)


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