Black History Moment: The Freedom Georgia Initiative

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Today’s black history moment about The Freedom Georgia Initiative, highlights an example as to why intentional families develop among African Americans that are biologically unrelated to one another: establish a “safe space” for relief/protection from persecution, racial discrimination, marginalization.
The Freedom Georgia Initiative – Key Highlights
* Located in Wilkinson County, Georgia, 130 miles south of Atlanta
* Involves the $1.7 million purchase of available 96 acres of rural land near the town of Toomsboro, GA
* Availability of land inspired two black women, Renee Waters and Ashley Scott (realtor), to spearhead a proposal to acquire the land
* In September 2020, Renee and Ashley brought together 19 different African American families, to raise the $1.7 million dollars to purchase the 96 acres of land
The Freedom Georgia Initiative – Significance
* The collective purchase of 96 acres of land by 19 different African American families, was a successful exercise of group economics
* Like earlier moments of general racial strife/tension that occurred throughout American history, Freedom Georgia is the latest effort of African Americans from different family backgrounds, uniting around a goal to establish & cultivate an environment of mutual self-protection and care
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about The Freedom Georgia Initiative:
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