Black History Moment: The Oyotunji African Village of South Carolina

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The black history moment below about the Oyotunji African Village of South Carolina, offers a unique example into the second reason why an intentional family might form among African Americans: “cultivate, strengthen, or reinforce a sense of racial or ethnic pride, individually and collectively.
The Oyotunji African Village – Key Highlights
* Located in Beaufort County, South Carolina
* Founded/established in 1970 by Detroit, Michigan native, Walter Eugene King (whose name changed later to Oba Adefunmi)
* Being a student of African cultural & religious traditions, Oba eventually secured land in South Carolina to make the Oyotunji Village as an intentional community in 1970
* In its early days, the Oyotunji village housed over 200 people!  Over the years, the Oyotunji Village has grown to become a tourist destination
The Oyotunji African Village – Significance
* The Oyotunji African Village was established during an era when African Americans in general, were growing prouder (and more vocal) about their Blackness, and becoming more interested in learning about African cultures and traditions
* The Oyotunji African Village is dubbed today as “the oldest African village in North America”
* Today, the Oyotunji village instills racial/ethnic pride by offering an opportunity to learn about or experience African cultural traditions/practices without leaving American soil
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about The Oyotunji African Village in South Carolina:
South Carolina Public Television (SCETV): “Oyotunji African Village”

Article: “Inside America’s intriguing African town and village that will help you reconnect with your history”
Article: “Against the Odds, A 40-Year Old West African Village in South Carolina Has Thrived”


Oyotunji African Village – History of Oyotunji


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