Black History Moment: The Quander Family of the DMV

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Today’s black history moment highlights a well-known family name across the D.C. metro area: The Quander Family.
The Quander Family – Key Highlights/Accomplishments
* The Quander family name is believed to have originated from an ancestor from Ghana named Egya Amkwandoh, who was kidnapped and enslaved over 300 years ago in colonial era America
* Origin of the modern-day Quander family began with the marriage of Nancy Quander, a formerly enslaved black woman on George Washington’s Mount Vernon plantation; and Charles Quander, a free-born black man from Charles County, MD
* Quander descendant/extended family member accomplishments include:
    1) co-incorporator and first international president of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority (Nellie Quander)
    2) singer with the late Duke Ellington (Elizabeth “Sis” Quander)
    3) former D.C. deputy mayor (Paul Quander)
    4) author and retired D.C. senior administrative judge (Rohulamin Quander)
    5) only African American family to produce four general officers in the United States military (Mark Quander, Vincent Brooks, Leo A. Brooks, Jr., Leo A. Brooks, Sr.)
The Quander Family – Legacy & Significance
* The Quander Family is one of the oldest, largest, and consistently documented African American family names in the USA that dates back over 300 years of history!
* The Quander family name is represented today in street names across the D.C. area, and is also represented in a public school that’s located in Fairfax County, VA
* Illustrates a long proud history about a rich family legacy that can be used as inspiration to pursue one’s own research into his/her family legacy
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about the Quander Family and their legacy:
WUSA9 News (video): “Finding Quander: The journey of one of America’s oldest documented black families”

Smithsonian Anacostia (video): Rohulamin Quander, Quander family historian

George Washington’s Mount Vernon – Nancy Carter Quander
Quander Road Public School history – Fairfax County Public Schools (video included)
Washington Post article (June 25, 1984): “Black Family Marks 300 Years in Maryland”
US Army Corps of Engineers: “Engineer School Commandant’s promotion makes American history”


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