Black History Moment: The Reconstruction Act of 1867

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Yesterday, we acknowledged the 150th anniversary of ratification of the 15th Amendment of the US Constitution, and the first black man to vote after its ratification.  What were the precursor events/moments in time that led to that amendment’s eventual passage and ratification?   Today’s black history moment is a brief look into one of those moments: The Reconstruction Act of 1867.
The Reconstruction Act of 1867 – Key Highlights
* After the Civil War, this Act established a process for the former Confederacy (Southern states) to be readmitted into the Union (United States)
* States that were seeking readmission to the Union, were required by Congress to: write state constitutions that met Congressional approval, ratify the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, and granting black men the right to vote
* Carved the American South into five military districts or regions (each led by a military general) that would serve as acting governments, until written state constitutions were approved by Congress
The Reconstruction Act of 1867 – Impact/Significance
* Established the requirement for the states to provide universal manhood suffrage (right to vote), regardless of race or skin color
BHM Action Item: Visit and bookmark or now and register to vote, or to confirm your voter registration status.  Tell your friends/loved ones to do the same!
Visit the below resources and/or your local library to learn more about the Reconstruction Acts of 1867:
RESOURCES The Reconstruction Act of 1867
Video: “The Making of Radical Reconstruction Toward Black Suffrage – The Reconstruction Act of 1867”