Black History Moment: The Still Family of New Jersey

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Today’s black history moment is a “we are family” shout out to The Stills, an African American family from New Jersey.  For over 120 years, the Still descendants organize an annual family reunion to celebrate their ancestors’ contributions to the success of The Underground Railroad, and the state of New Jersey.
The Still Family – Key Accomplishments & Legacy
* By the early 1800s, the Still family was firmly established in southern New Jersey in an area that became known as Lawnside, NJ
* William Still: abolitionist, described as the “Father of the Underground Railroad” who risked his life to help hundreds of enslaved black men and women escape to freedom
* Dr. James Still: successful NJ homeopathic doctor, described as “The Black Doctor of the Pines”
* Peter Still: known for his eventual successful purchase of his family’s freedom out from enslavement
* Highlights New Jersey state’s importance regarding its section of The Underground Railroad
* The annual Still family reunion event is a venue for Still descendants to reflect on and celebrate the legacy and resilience of their ancestors
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