December DCHPA – Holiday Mixer (Dec 20)

December DCHPA – Holiday Mixer (Dec 20)

I hope that this email finds you well. Please note that our December DCHPA gathering will be a holiday mixer with food and music. We want to close out our 2017 with great holiday cheer and positive thoughts as we embrace the NEW YEAR!
So far a few people have volunteered to bring beverages. We are only missing dessert. If you want to bring in an item, please respond to this email or contact me directly on my cell at (202) 718-5007.
Representatives from Round Comb will be present to share a new landlord/housing provider online platform that can help streamline the application process and allow you to become part of a housing provider community where you can view tenant reviews from previous landlord and tenant relationships.
Please join us this week. We will meet from 5:30-7:00pm


Best Regards

Karissa Spann, NALP, HCV-CSO, CSE, CSRC, HQS
DCHPA Chair / Real Estate Professional
I help change the way landlords/housing providers do business! 

(202) 718-5007

Famed DC Children’s Hospital breaks ground in Prince George’s County @ Woodmore Towne Center

Famed DC Children’s Hospital breaks ground in Prince George’s County @ Woodmore Towne Center

If you have an economic interest in Prince George’s County, you’re likely well aware of the highly acclaimed Children’s Hospital in D.C.   Below is an article about a recent groundbreaking that took place at Woodmore Town Center, concerning Children’s Hospital’s future pediatric outpatient and specialty care center.

Children’s National Health System breaks ground in Prince George’s County

Children’s Hospital’s pediatric care facility is scheduled to open in 2020, and will be a great complement to the neighboring UM Capital Region Medical Center at the Largo Metro station/The Boulevard at the Capital Center site.

Carter G. Woodson Birthday Commemoration event in NW DC (Dec. 17th)

Carter G. Woodson Birthday Commemoration event in NW DC (Dec. 17th)

If you’re an advocate or enthusiast of African American history, there will be an event held to commemorate the birth of Carter G. Woodson, the “father of black history month.”

Carter G. Woodson Birthday Commemoration

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm

The commemoration event will be held in Northwest DC, and is free and open to the public.

Changes to DC Rental Laws for Landlords

Changes to DC Rental Laws for Landlords

October 1 signals a new fiscal year for most government entities.  Washington, DC is no different.  Recently, the DC Housing Providers Association held a critical meeting stating all of the major law changes for those who are landlords.  Take a look at the excerpt from the president of the organization, Karrisa Span.

==== EMAIL ====

Thank you to everyone who came out for our September’s DC Housing Providers’ Association meeting. It was well attended with standing room only. As promised, I wanted to provide you with material discussed at the meeting.
See below links to the DC City Council websites to view the new and proposed changes. Additionally, there are attachments included which covers the service and assistance animals as well as the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Infraction Fine Increase Amendment Act 2017.
Carbon Monixide / Smoke Detector (DCRA)
DC City Council Property Manager Licensing Act &  Memorandum
Effective October 1, 2017 – You can not ask in writing or verbally about an applicant’s criminal background as part of the application process. Now is a great time to remove it from your applications. Please don’t forget, you will get fined if you’re found guilty of violating the law. 
** This is just a reminder that if you are having difficulty with making sure that your rental property meet the requirements by either the DC Housing Authority and/or DC Government, please contact me so that we can assist with getting you the help you need. There are a lot of resources and professionals available to help you. 
We look forward to seeing each of your next month for our October’s meeting which will be held on October 18, 2017 at 6:00pm. Representatives from Round Comb will be joining us to provide a demonstration of their tenant rating platform. If you have not heard of this company, please go online and check them out. Their web site address is www.RoundComb.comAdditionally, we we have a landlord and tenant attorney joining us. This will be important to come out and ask questions while the attorney is available to speak to you FOR FREE. I am committed to helping you all get the help you need to become better housing providers (where possible).
Dick Gregory Thoughts

Dick Gregory Thoughts

Hope everyone has had a blessed and enjoyable summer! Planning to share music updates soon, but in the meantime, hope you will enjoy this.
Saturday, September 17th I was blessed to be a part of the home-going celebration for comedian and activist, Dick Gregory. This seven-hour tribute was filled with a lineup of noted artists and politicians, yet it was made very clear by the youngest of Dick Gregory’s ten children that all who spoke were chosen for no other reason except that they were personal friends of Mr. Gregory and family. One by one these distinguished individuals walked on stage and described how Dick Gregory changed their lives.

Dick Gregory was a phenomenon. The level at which he stayed informed – reading 21 newspapers a day –  the personal time and attention he gave to human rights across the globe, and, the quality time he found to give his ten children (and grandchildren) do not begin to describe this man’s presence. According to the children and grandchildren who spoke, he listened, played with them, and made them feel special.Never controlled by money, this man lived what he preached. Almost every speaker had an example of how Dick Gregory gave up and or gave away millions of dollars for the opportunity to help others. When his house was about to be foreclosed, one of his many Hollywood friends gave him a check for $600,000 to pay off his mortgage in full. Dick Gregory immediately turned the check over to a front line organization to continue the work of fighting for human rights!! This may seem an extraordinary act, but to Mr. Gregory it was commonplace. He knew how to walk in God’s Power.

Dick Gregory understood that material wealth is an illusion. When we look around we see children who have been given every material thing a human being can possess. Yet they are hooked on drugs, committing suicide, depressed and living lives without joy.  Love and self-esteem cannot be bought.  Here are a few of my take-aways from the memorial service. If we want to save our world and each other we must reorder priorities.

Dick Gregory memorial take-aways:

  1. Our job while we are here is to make something of ourselves, which by Dick Gregory’s standards means to learn to become better at loving mankind. Contrary to popular wisdom, making money has never been a legitimate goal.
  2. Become what you say: if you are not going to do it don’t say it.
  3. There is only one race: the human race. All of us – white black, red yellow or green have been victimized by the lie of racism.
  4. Poverty and lack has been manufactured by ignorance and greed. If we live in love we can live in abundance.
  5. God and fear cannot occupy the same space. (FYI: a woman jogging in Rock Creek Park at 2:00 am is not showing lack of fear but stupidity. Don’t get it twisted)
A few of the presenters:
Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC News)
Amy Goodman (Democracy Now)
Rain Pryor (Richard Pryor’s daughter)
Cicely Tyson
John Legend
Muriel Bowser (DC Mayor)
Nightwolf, and Native American Coalition
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Stevie Wonder
Joe Morton
Joe Madison
Maxine Waters
Bill & Camille Cosby
Children of Medgar, King and Malcolm
India Arie
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Boulevard at Capital Center Redevelopment in Largo (Prince George’s County, MD)

Boulevard at Capital Center Redevelopment in Largo (Prince George’s County, MD)

If you (or someone you know) have a business/financial interest in Prince George’s County, the Boulevard at Capital Center shopping & entertainment complex itself will soon undergo significant redevelopment; in tandem with adjacent (upcoming) construction of the new hospital/medical center next to the Largo Town Center Metro station.

That being said, visit the below website for more information:

Boulevard at Capital Center Redevelopment – The New Downtown of Prince George’s County

Dealing With Contractors

Dealing With Contractors

There are LOTS of general contractors around for whatever rehab or repair work you may need to have done to an investment property you already own or are thinking about buying. One of the best ways to find a reliable contractor is to ask for referrals from other Real Estate Investors. (REIers).


Absent that, conduct a Google search and you can probably come up with lots of names in your general area. Craigslist ads are another source. Once you have identified some decent prospects, Yelp the top 5 or so that look most appealing. Then confirm the validity of the good ones you find via Angie’s List and/or Home Advisors.


Quotes & Contracts


  1. Ask the top ones to come out and give you a written quote. You want every conceivable contingency, and bell & whistle, included in the quote. Here is why: The quote forms the basis for the agreement that you and the GC will eventually sign.


  1. Demand a written contract. Include everything from the quote in the agreement.


  1. Request and then call references the GC provides. Honest contractors welcome scrutiny; others not so much.


  1. Check their General Contractor (GC) license.


  1. Make sure it is current. Look at it carefully.
  2. Check their license online (with the state license bureau) to confirm its validity.


  1. Confirm that their insurance coverage, bonding, etc. are all current.


  1. Look them up on line. View their website. If you get a “funny” feeling about them, dig deeper.


  1. Send them an email. See how quickly they respond, if at all.


  1. Call after hours; leave a voice mail; see how quickly they call you back: next day, next week?


  1. Call during business hours and see how customer friendly their staff is.


  1. Google their company name and the GCs name and see what pops up. You might be amazed at what surfaces: criminal records, pending lawsuits, bad industry reviews, negative newspaper articles, etc.


  1. Insist on performance payments. Do NOT pay 100% upfront. When you do pay, it should be for work that has been successfully completed. When the next phase is done, pay again etc. Repeat.


  1. Pay by credit card if at all possible. That way if they screw it up and/or walk away from the job half way through, you may have some recourse you can pursue by requesting the credit card company hold up paying the contractor for a questionable charge.


  1. If possible, pay for supplies separate from labor; but only if there is a price advantage to you in doing so. Otherwise, make it a “turn key” deal where every imaginable expense is included in one OTD (Out the Door) cost including sales tax, etc. EVERYTHING to be included. No ups. No extras. No BS.


  1. Fixed deadlines: You want a drop dead certain starting date, and completion date, with penalties for being late. Fixed deadlines with teeth give you pretty good leverage over tardy or incompetent GCs.


  1. 100% happiness guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, there need to be remedial solutions specified in the contract, i.e. they don’t get the last payment until it is right or, at YOUR choosing you can bring in a different GC to finish the job if the first GC can’t or won’t perform.


  1. Inquire of the GC if he is using his own employees for 100% of the job or might he be using subcontractors (subs).


  1. Are supplies being delivered to your place by a third party vendor?


NOTE: If the GC uses subs or has material delivered to your place, make sure to take precautions that one or both don’t file mechanic’s liens against your place because the GC didn’t pay them. Thousands of Mechanic’s liens are filed every year. Insist on seeing paid bills, invoices, etc. Be cautious.



What We Do: Quickly provide short-term, first position funding, in smaller amounts, to investors who:


  1. Need Acquisition Funding for a fast-turnaround flip or fix. See more info below.


  1. Own property free/clear but cannot or will not use hard money lenders or conventional funding sources. See more info below.


Contact info: Tod Snodgrass,, 310-408-7015


September 2017 DCHPA Meeting – Oct 1 : DC NEW LAWS (FINES), PROPOSED LAW + MORE

September 2017 DCHPA Meeting – Oct 1 : DC NEW LAWS (FINES), PROPOSED LAW + MORE

This is a repost of a recent email for all of the landlords that have property in DC.

==== EMAIL ====

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
Are you aware of the District’s new laws that go into effect October 1, 2017? Did you know that what you don’t know can AND WILL hurt you and cost you in the price range of THOUSANDS of dollars!!
The District of Columbia is cracking down and now is NOT THE TIME to sit home or not attend our DC Housing Provider’s Meeting!
Additionally, Ms. Abby Volin from Opening Doors will be joining us tomorrow to discuss the laws that you need to know about service animals. Were you aware that you cannot refuse to accept an applicant or allow your tenant(s) to have it? But wait there’s more…a service animal is not limited to a cat or a dog. Can you say: snake, lizard or iguana?!?! Wowzers!!!
Criminal Background Check  – You cant ask about it upfront    FINES
Smoke Detectors – Are they hard wired    FINES
Property Manager Licensing Laws – ????   FINES
Registered Agents – FINES
Rental Property Business License – ???
I am not monkeying around and not trying to scare you; however, I do desire that you know what the District’s laws are concerning you as a housing provider or those that you know of who are housing providers.
Join us tomorrow for our monthly meeting. I PROMISE to only take up 1 hour of your time! Many of you know that I have tried my best to record the meetings, but it’s challenging to facilitate and record at the same time. There is no guarantee that I will be able to capture it all but will do my best.
I hope that you can make it. It cost nothing to attend, but I promise that if you are impacted by these new changes in law…it will cost you THOUSANDS!! Please come and get this information!!!!
We hope to see you tomorrow at the
DC Housing Authority
1133 North Capital Street NE, Room 100
Washington, DC 20002
6:00PM – 7:00PM


Best Regards

Karissa Spann, NALP, HCV-CSO, CSE, CSRC, HQS
DCHPA Chair / Real Estate Professional
I help change the way landlords/housing providers do business! 

(202) 718-5007

DC Housing Providers’ Association (DCHPA) Meeting:
Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm 

** One-on-One Meetings with Housing Managers from 5:00pm-6:00pm

DC Housing Authority 
Washington, DC 20002
Do You Have the Right Mindset to Own Commercial Real Estate?

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Own Commercial Real Estate?

Reposted with authorization of Peter Harris

As you know, there are many roadblocks to owning commercial real estate.

Surprisingly, the most difficult hurdle for most people is not money, or specific knowledge or the right connections.

Instead, believe it or not, it’s how they think.

In this video, you’ll discover what the wrong mindset looks like, where that “sticking thinking” comes from and how to overcome it so you can train your brain to think like the wealthiest commercial real estate investors in the world.

The wisdom you’ll learn on this training is absolutely mandatory for anyone looking to become a commercial real estate investor.

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Own Commercial Real Estate?


Your Commercial Real Estate Advisor,

Peter Harris

6 Ways to Raise a Down Payment When Buying Commercial Real Estate

6 Ways to Raise a Down Payment When Buying Commercial Real Estate

With authorization from Peter Harris, I am reposting one of the latest newsletter emails.

Let’s face it, commercial real estate deals can sometimes require huge down payments.

Have you ever wondered how modest beginner investors afford them?

They use OPM (Other People’s Money)!

In this training, you’ll discover 6 different ways to raise down payments using OPM:

6 Ways to Raise Down Payment Money When Buying Commercial Real Estate

Your Commercial Property Advisor,

Peter Harris