Faith Lift

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I mentioned my godmother, Shirley M.K. Berkley, a couple of weeks ago.  She would really “get me” if I mentioned some of her resume.  But my hope is that she never will.  However, she was instrumental in getting the Father of Gospel Music, James Cleveland, to come to the Washington, DC area.  She also sits on the Board of Directors for the organization he founded, Gospel Music Workshop of America, for over 40 years.  She serves as mentor for countless pastors, leaders, international Gospel musicians and singers to include a very long and impressive list.  She also has written music which has appeared in hymnals and been performed by the likes of the Gaithers.  Standing at no more than 5.5″ (I’m 5’6″ and she is shorter than me.) she towers in influence when she enters a room, smiling, laughing, and teaching.  One of the most humorous (and I can hear her say in that distinct voice) “Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way!”  Ya, gotta love Ma Berkley.

Here is the latest of her works – well new to me… LOL!  “Faith Lift.”  If you are reblogging this content, please give her attribution.  Thanks!  The picture that you see is she and I at her 80th Birthday party about 8 years ago.  LOL!  People always ask her, “Why is it that you look so good?”  She says, “it is because of my ‘Faith Lift’.”  Take a read.