First Colored Business Directory in Upton Neighborhood of Baltimore, MD For Sale Soon

A good friend of mine is a wizard when it comes to investing in Tax Lien Certificates. For several years now, he has purchased and sold properties in around the DMV area.

His most recent Tax Lien is located at 1145 Myrtle Avenue Baltimore, MD. What makes this location special? A lot!

This was the home of Robert W. Coleman, the creator of the First Colored Business Directory in Baltimore, MD! According to the Baltimore Sun,

Robert W. Coleman, a blind piano tuner whose “First Colored” directories, published from 1913 to 1946, were more than just listings of dentists, doctors, drug stores and teachers. They became an annual Who’s Who of black Baltimore’s movers and shakers, complete with photographs and biographical sketches of prominent citizens, population statistics, historical facts.

In the upcoming days, he will be selling this property for someone to renovate. He believes the best owner is a “historical/cultural heritage society, or a community development corporation (CDC) that would use the property as an economic development generator for the community where the property is located. “ If you are interested in purchasing it, let me know. NOPE. No need for a referral fee or anything like that. I will connect you with my friend.

Upton Planning Committee (UPC) identification of 1145 Myrtle Avenue

Supplemental Information – Robert W. Coleman–1.pdf

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