[Video] Habitland: Jonathan Interviews George “Coach G” Morning

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Recently, George “Coach G” released his new book “Habitland” – www.HabitlandBook.com. In this video, I discuss the origin story of the book and Coach G’s transition to sobriety from opioid, porn, sexual addiction and other situation.

I met George some years ago through his wife, Nancy.  I met Nancy back in the early 2000s while working in DC doing some telemarketing.  Our paths crossed again in the mid-2000s and Nancy told me that she was married to George.  I got to meet him and their beautiful family.  We went on to attend church together for a couple of years.  Then, I lost touch with them again.  A couple of years ago, our paths crossed again and George was transparent with me about some of his struggles as a man.

As I have met and interacted with people one-on-one over the years, his story is not an uncommon one.  We all have some failings as men.  Only the ones who are willing to do the work are able to grow beyond them.  I’ve done some work and still doing personal work.

In a wold, where men struggle in isolation with issues that they can’t talk about at Church or the Barbershop, Coach G has found a path towards freedom. While not perfect, Coach G shares tangible tools for anyone to begin turning their life around by changing habits.

You can get the book at www.HabitlandBook.com. You can call Coach G directly at 443-600-9169.

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