LGBT Clergy?

by Jan 4, 2019Blog2 comments

When I first heard about LGBT Clergy, I was floored and thought. “May it not be so.” Then, I met a fair amount of local clerics who either identify as LGBT or are in extreme support. Some were in the pews. Some where in small gatherings.

As a recovering “Super Pentecostal”, I was raised with more than fire and brimstone – exorcisms (“casting out devils”), speaking in tongues and the like. While I do enjoy a good tent revival or “Devotion Service” from time to time, my beliefs have changed a bit.

I was able to experience the Holy in quiet and contemplative services of say the Quakers to the pews of “high church.” I was astonished at the vast amounts of information I learned about our church leaders and their both public and private affirmation of the LGBT community.

I have come to believe that there are organizations that really love God as much as I do and do not hold to all of the beliefs, customs, and rituals that I grew up with. After talking with another pastor friend of mine a while ago, I understand that the following organizations are friendly to the LGBT community.

If I have any of the information incorrect, let me know. I will remove. If you have additional information to add, let me know. I will add.

WHY SHARE THIS, JONATHAN? Well, life is short. There are tons of men, women, and children that I have met over the years who are on the spectrum and want to connect with God, the Holy, Christ. Churches want to grow and identify with those that are not churched or want to reconnect. This is a community that has been overlooked, abused, and neglected.

May this be the year that this community be conned to God – Christ – again. PAX CHRISTI.