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My friend, Kay, has worked from home for many years.  Given that this was a new year, she set all her friends a list of companies that provide true “Work from Home” opportunities.  If you (or someone you know) is looking for opportunities, then feel free to forward or share this information.

==== Enter Kay ====

Today is 1.1.2018 so want to start off keeping promises.  Many of you have asked for work from home links and i have given a few.  So I decided to create a list of work from home jobs links.   I would say 50% of the links are hiring in all states, while other are in specific states.  Some are full time and/or part time while some are specifically full time or pat time.  The pay for the most part ranges from $10-12 per hour with some of them paying $15-20 per hour with a few of them paying more as they are based on specific occupations.  Most of them you have to have your own computer, while a few of them will provide the pc for you.  When i have a change again i will send more out at another time.  But feel fee to spread the word around.  If you are interested in mystery shopping info respond to me and i will do a list for that.  Maybe at the next holiday.
Happy New Year and Happy Hunting

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