Making the case for the census (Article: “100 years ago, Congress threw out results of the census”)

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As you’re reading this email, you’re likely aware of the upcoming nationwide census (population count).  That being said, the below article makes the case for the Constitutionally required census that takes place once every ten years:
This year is also a census year.  In fact, April 1, 2020 is Census Day.  What does the census mean for African Americans?
1) Determines political power by using each state’s population count to determine how many US Congressional seats each state will have for the next decade.  Do you live in a state or municipality where a significant/sizable percentage of its counted population are black people?  If more black people are fully counted in any particular state, that state will receive more Congressional seats that are apportioned, giving black people more of an opportunity to choose who they want to represent them in Congress.  
2) Drives economic development & public safety/emergency preparedness efforts  – proper allocation of federal spending is directed to those communities or municipalities with populations that are fully counted.  Based on that metric, the business community base their decisions on seeing those fully counted communities thrive and prosper.  For example, if you live in a predominately black community, imagine what you and everyone living in your community can enjoy as a result of being a fully counted community?
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