March 25, 2018 – The end of the PMP as we know it! (PMBOK 5)

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An associate, Carl Pritchard, sent me this critical information about the PMP

==== ENTER CARL ====

You are probably acutely aware that March 26 is the first day for the release of the new PMP exam under PMBOK 6th Edition.  If you already earned your PMP, GREAT!  You can forward this information on to someone else who can use it.

If you’re still hammering away on practice tests?  GREAT!  You have two months to knock this thing out of the park.


If you’re thinking you might want to convert to PMBOK 6 and hate the thought of starting from scratch…here’s what’s going on on my end.

1)  The interface (which is where I got your e-mail) closes down forever on March 24.  And some of the audio (about 30 questions) will change the week of March 17.   Your questions won’t change, but the audio explanations may.  (I’ve pulled out non-PMBOK6 questions and will be replacing the audio the second week of March).
2)  I have a whole new test partner who will be hosting all of my updated questions, which will still link out to audio files.  But there are some new questions and some new audio files to reflect PMBOK6.
3)  I have two classes coming up in February for those who have decided to procrastinate and go with PMBOK 6.

The first is February 5 and is a full 5-day extravaganza with me and my partners at Leadership Techniques.  It’s in Rockville, and because you’re already in the database, we’re going to offer a discount from the full price of $1045 to $355.55.    (We need registrations by January 30 to secure the space).    Because of the very special pricing, you’ll need to e-mail or call 301-667-3915 to get the discount.

The second is February 2223 (yes, it’s a TWO-day) ( under the “I’m Coming Back” rate…and you will NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN PMBOK6.  If you need me to secure one for you, it’s $50 and you have to let me know at least a week prior to the class.

And if you want a THIRD option, there’s the virtual training for PMBOK 6…available on-line, asynchronous…

And again, if you already HAVE your PMP, you can offer the special pricing to your peers who are in pursuit!

Please note again…these classes are ALL based on PMBOK6 and will include a new database of questions on a new web site…coming soon!

Any questions?  You know where to find me.