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We’ve all heard of the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  That simple and powerful statement is known to be an African proverb, which means that an entire community must interact with children for those children to grow up in a safe & healthy environment.  Today’s black history moment takes us to the birthplace of Muhammad Ali (Louisville, Kentucky), where we’ll highlight Play Cousins Collective as a current day example of that famous proverb.

Play Cousins Collective – Key Highlights

* Located in Louisville, Kentucky
* Founded in 2017, by mother and community organizer, Kristen Williams
* Serves the Louisville community in the following ways: community outreach, resource sharing, family engagement, and children’s programming
* Play Cousins Collective – Year 2018 recipient of the Center for Neighborhoods’ Collaborative Neighborhood Partner Award
* Founder Kristen Williams – Year 2017 recipient of the Molly Leonard Community Service Award

Play Cousins Collective – Significance

* Through her Play Cousins Collective organization, Kristen Williams is a living example in demonstrating the value & importance of the village/extended kin approach to raising children.
* Employs an African-centered context to provide culturally relevant knowledge and resources, that promote healing and empowerment among African American parents
Visit the websites below and/or conduct your own research to learn more about Play Cousins Collective and its founder, Kristen Williams:

Play Cousins Collective – About Us

Video: “CommUNITY Champion: Louisville mother creates program to give children the tools they need to succeed”


Kristen Williams: Seeds for Urban Play Conference (Children at Play Network)

Center for Neighborhoods’ Collaborative Neighborhood Partner Award


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