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As always, my buddy Reginald has a great idea. Why not run for office? NOOOOO. Not me, but you.

Good afternoon,

Now that the Year 2018 has entered its third month, I want to follow up on the previous email, by citing another resource that you (or someone you know) can use, to exercise your political power in 2018:

Run For Office

You can use the above mentioned resource in two ways:

1) Search by your street address, to find all of the offices that you can run for. In addition, free online training is provided on how you can run for elected office.

2) Volunteer to collect data towards compiling a searchable database of every elected public office position in the United States.

Enjoy & spread the word!


From: Reginald Ready
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 7:35 PM
To: Reginald Ready
Subject: Re: Flexing our political muscle in 2018

Good afternoon,

I want to follow up on the previous email, by citing two additional resources that you can use (or pass along to someone else), to strategically exercise your political power in the new year that’s now in its second month:


VoteRiders: Voter ID Help

Description: For states with voter ID laws in place (or currently under legal challenge), this website offer free voter ID resources & services for voters who need to obtain ID, or who need information about ID types that are needed to vote.

Black Women Running for Office in the U.S.

Black Women Running for Office in the U.S.

Description: This website include a searchable list of 414 black women running for office in 2018 all across the US. Check out the site, find your state (or locality), and do your own independent research on the candidates’ positions.




To get your free “Redefining Prosperity” CD, e-mail me. Type “free CD” in the subject line, and mention your preferred method of receipt: by mail or in person.

From: Reginald Ready
Sent: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 2:09 AM
Subject: Flexing our political muscle in 2018

Good evening,

Happy New Year! If you paid attention to news reports about last year’s statewide election results in Virginia, and particularly the results from Alabama state’s special election for United States Senate; you probably understand (or came to understand) the significance of the strategic use and deployment of African American political power (and financial capital) that produced those election results.

Year 2018 is a critically important election year in the US: 36 state governor races, 435 U.S. House races, and 33 U.S. Senate races; along with numerous “less visible” but equally important races for down ballot state and local government elected positions. That being said, there’s a tremendous opportunity to strategically use our political muscle (and/or capital) to produce electoral outcomes on a national scale, similar to last year’s results seen in VA and AL! Take a look at the following political action committees (PACs) that have contributed in varying degrees, towards generating last year’s statewide election outcomes in VA and AL:

The Collective PAC (Purpose: Increase black voter turnout, build black political clout at the Federal/state/local levels)

New Nation Rising PAC (Purpose: To fight voter suppression, mass incarceration, urban gun violence)

Higher Heights PAC (Purpose: To invest in/cultivate black women’s political power & leadership potential)


Black PAC (Purpose: Long-term black voter engagement, identifies & holds accountable those candidates/elected officials that tackle issues facing the black community)

The above listed PACs will work to ensure that the results from last year’s elections in VA/AL, are accomplished across the board for the numerous state governor and U.S. Congressional/Senate elections, that will take place this year. In closing, consider the below news articles (and one media interview) that sheds some light on the value of these PACs:

Justin Fairfax discusses his historic win in Virginia

How Grassroots Organizers Got Black Voters To The Polls In Alabama

Black Women “saved America” from Roy Moore – now vote them into office