Save The Date! – May 5, 2018: BMe UNLIMITED event in D.C. at the Newseum

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So, here is another great opportunity with Reggie.

=== Enter Reggie ===

In April 2017, I attended a “BMe UNLIMITED” event in D.C. at the Newseum.  It was a heartwarming and uplifting event, organized & hosted by a non-profit organization (BMe Community), which honored a group of black men from six U.S. cities who made a noteworthy difference in their respective communities.   Please mark your calendars for the next “BMe UNLIMITED” event, which will take place in D.C. on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at the Newseum.

BMe Community is currently operating in six US cities (Akron, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Miami).  They are seeking to establish a permanent presence in a seventh city – Washington, DC.    To learn more about BMe UNLIMITED or BMe Community in general, please visit , and/or read the below email message from the group’s founder.