[Video]: Interview with Darious Britt on His Movie UNSOUND

[Video]: Interview with Darious Britt on His Movie UNSOUND

In this interview, I take the time to speak with my friend, Darious Britt, about his movie, UNSOUND.  It is semi-autobiographical about his experience as a caretaker of his mother who has Schizophrenia.  We talk about about how he got into the film industry; why he made the decision to make such a personal movie; his experiences as a caretaker; and a ton of other things.


The Movie

If you are interested in knowing where to start in the film business (or any business), you may enjoy this movie.  If you are a Mental Health professional or caretaker, you may want to see the movie below.  The movie is free of charge.  So, feel free to watch, comment and share.


The Documentary

Darious also created a documentary on how he made UNSOUND.  It is a seven (7) year journey of learning.  I believe that it is required for anyone that is thinking of getting into the film business.

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