[Video]: White Pastor Talks White Privilege and Black Lives Matters

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In this video, Jonathan Mickles interviews Pastor Matt Braddock of Christ Congregational Church in Silver Spring, MD – www.cccsilverspring.org.

Pastor Matt talks about his personal evolution to become one that is not only socially active in his personal life, but challenges others to use the example of Christ to use Compassion as an active form of Resistance.  He also explores thoughts of using “double justice” to help not only the oppressed, but to recognize that the system also oppresses the Oppressor.

The final challenge is for churches to purchase the book and use it as a study guide to ignite conversations around radical reconciliation in and out the congregation.

He not only talks the talk, but is walking the walk by associating with local and national organizations around racial/social justice and even LGBTQ issues.  He and his wife have even adopted two Ethiopian girls and is quite concerned about the world that they are growing up in.

You can purchase Pastor Matt’s book from Amazon.


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